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Regency Lemon Wrapstm & Stretch Wraps®: Cover a half or quarter of a lemon to create an upscale garnish for keeping seeds out of food and beverages.

Lemon Wrapstm also available in real lace.

Regency Cheeseclothtm: Cotton fabric with 100's of uses: cooking, cleaning, straining, basting, polishing and more.

Regency Lemon Wrapstm Ribbon Color Card: Color Card

Stem Wraps® & Regency Coasterstm: Made of soft, absorbent fabric. Stem Wraps® fit like a glove over the base of a stemmed glass to prevent drips from condensation. Both are so elegant and durable, it's hard to believe they're disposable. Can be customized with names or logo.









Regency Cooking Twinetm: Two and one-half Pound Cones. Available in Four Ply's: 16*,24,12, and 4. *16 Ply is most popular size. Great for all your meat preparation needs.

  • High Tensile Strength
  • Same Day Shipment
  • Quantity Discounts

Chef Grade 100% Cotton Cheesecloth  Available in:  Regular weight

                                                                                                                              Heavy weight

                                                                                                                              Ultra fine

                                                                                                                              60 or 70 yards















Flat folded for easy use





Regency Pastry Cloth & Rolling Pin Cover Settm: For baking. Absorbs excess flour so dough will be light and flaky.

Boil 'N Wrapstm: Mesh bags for preportioned boiling and steaming of shellfish, chicken and more.

Regency Spice Bagstm: Muslin drawstring bags for enclosing spices, bouquet garnis and potpourri.


New Regency Professional Parchment Papertm: THE REUSABLE non-stick, easy to clean, Teflontm Baking Liner (13" x 17").

Available Natural Brown. Great for hundreds of uses.


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