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Our Story

Regency Wraps manufactures and markets cooking accessories to Professional Chefs and to the Chef at Home.



In the Beginning 

The Birth of Our Retail Line

Our Growth

Soon, consumer demand for Chef Grade Products for the Chef at Home led us to package our products for resale, and thus began our evolution from 4 products for the foodservice industry to over 300 SKU's for the Gourmet Retail Trade.

Honing our manufacturing, packaging and marketing skills, we ventured out of textiles to include paper, plastic and even silicone products to our line.  Constantly relying on customer demand and offering simple solutions in the kitchen, we continue to introduce innovative and useful products for preparation and presentation in the Kitchen.


Our manufacturing capabilities in addition to our flexibility, have allowed us to easliy  respond to customer needs and to changing trends in the marketplace.  Regency Wraps, Inc. has grown from a small office to a 41,500 square foot manufacturing and warehouse facility.

In 1985,  the founders of Regency Wraps made a huge departure from manufacturing complex fashion fabrics to  manufacturing single-use products for the Foodservice Industry.  Starting  with covers for lemons to keep seeds out of food and beverage, called Regency Lemon Wraps™, we have continued to grow for over 30 years.


We successfully marketed Lemon Wraps to the top chefs the world over and expanded our line to include Cheesecloth, Cooking Twine, Steamer Bags, Pastry Bags and Stem Wraps®.  We then became one of the largest suppliers of these items to the foodservice industry worldwide.

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