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Regency Stem Wraps 

Stem Wraps are made of soft absorbent FABRIC, which fits (like a glove) over the base of a stemmed glass to absorb drips from condensation while  protecting wood and glass surfaces, linen, and clothing. In white with a delicate eyelet design, they’re durable, reusable, and so elegant it’s hard to believe they’re disposable!  

Ideal for any occasion, they enhance: 

●Water Glasses  ●Wine Glasses  ●Champagne Glasses  ●Dessert Glasses  ●Fruit Cups  ●Candle Holders and Any Stemmed Glass

 Make every occasion special:

Banquets, Wine Tastings, Wedding Receptions, Bridal Showers, Champagne Brunches, Graduation Parties, Cocktail Parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Dinner Parties, Corporate Meetings, Holiday Gatherings

•Available with Logo or Unprinted• 

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